The Work/Life Balance: Reducing Stress in Relationship Communication

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It can be a challenge to balance work with relationship responsibilities.  Research has shown that work conflict and relationship conflict are interrelated, in that conflict in one area directly affects the other.  The aim of this activity is the help separate work conflict from marital conflict by supporting one another in conflict outside of the marriage.
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Healthy Family Communication

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In my work with families, I am frequently asked to provide tips and insight into how to improve and increase communication.  Here are 6 guidelines to use:
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Combating Stress


I like to offer up alternatives to medication for combating stress, anxiety and panic attacks.  If you understand what is happening in your body, you can take that knowledge and apply it in a way that will be helpful and productive.

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After Leaving A Couples Session


Couples often ask me if there is anything that I recommend they do immediately after a couples counseling session. Here are the ideas that I recommend: Read More

Resources and Activities

Pinterest is an incredible tool for sharing thoughts, useful information, and disseminating ideas. Please check out our Pinterest profile “NW Wellness Works” to find resources for parenting, relationships, yoga, inspirational quotes and much more.  
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